Our Little Piece of Heaven


Sunday, August 19, 2012


With our temperatures in the 80's this weekend, we decided to get the chicks accustomed to the outdoors a bit!  Since my garden is fenced in, we took them there so we could watch over them a bit easier.  My girls helped me keep an eye on them. 
 They were very curious of all of their surroundings! 

 They will be two weeks old on Monday and are still primarily in their brooder requiring a temperature gradient between 85 and 90. 
 They became very adventuresome in the garden, exploring everything that moved, and even things that didn't!
Needless to say, I think they enjoyed their outing greatly.  Their feathers are starting to form very well and they are even starting to use their wings a bit!

About two or three more weeks in the brooder and they will be ready for their new outside home and coop!  Happy Gardening!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


We took the chicks on a small outing to my garden on Thursday, 08/09/12.  They had a fun time, however, we decided it was a bit too hot and humid so we cut it short so we would not stress them!

Well the chicks are growing very quickly.  They are very curious and are even trying to use their wings a bit!  We now have a screen over the top of their newly enlarged brooder.  Their first week the temperature in their breeder needed to stay at 95 degrees.  Starting on Monday we will keep the temperature at 90 degrees.  We will decrease it by 5 degrees each week until they are ready to go outside at approximately five weeks!

This little chicks name is Toy, she is really a sweetie!  This is the chick my daughter has been working with to tame. 

Happy Gardening and Farming!  We will keep updating the status of the chicks on their journey!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The post office called me this morning to get me the time that my chicks would be available to be picked up!  We ordered them from Meyer Hatchery and boy did they get here quick!  They were hatched on Monday and I received them on Tuesday!  Meyer Hatchery is great about allowing small orders, with the minimum order being three chicks this time of the year!

We had the brooder all ready and waiting for the chicks arrival!  We have all of the necessities, including a heat lamp with a red bulb.  They require 95 degree temperatures for their frst week.  
 The chicks took well to eating and drinking, which is a very good sign!  No troubles so far.  They are very entertaining to watch.
 After their long journey, they all took a nap!  How cute!
We look foward to watching these little girls grow up, it is hard to believe some day soon they will be laying some yummy brown eggs for us!

Happy Gardening and Farming!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


With a lot of hard work, research, and much anticipation, our chicken coop is built and our chicks have been ordered.  Our dreams of collecting fresh eggs are steps closer to becoming a reality.  Even though there is still work to be done in receiving and raising up our day old chicks, our dreams are one step closer.

In the days prior to this, there has been a lot of research done including research on chicken coop requirements, coop location, and chicken care.  Another important part of raising chickens is deciding the breed for you.  We will be raising hens for egg-laying.  In our decision making process, when researching different breeds, we took into consideration only breeds that were heat and cold tolerant to our location in southern Indiana.  Due to the size of our coop, we decided we would need a smaller sized hen.  We also had a preference of having the largest brown eggs that we could get and still fulfill the above issues.

The chick we picked was the GOLDEN BUFF, AKA Red Sex Link.  This breed is one of the most exceptional brown egg layers.  They lay large brown eggs and the hens  weigh around four pounds.   This was our chick!

There are many hatcheries you can order from and have your chicks delivered to your local post office.  In the spring you can also get chicks from many farm stores.  We have ordered our chicks from Meyer Hatchery.  They will be arriving next week!  How exciting!  I will keep you posted on their arrival and our progress!
Happy Gardening and Farming!