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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Wow, what a relief this morning! We had some showers, a breeze, and clouds. What a relief from what we have been having. The breeze alone is refreshing. I sent my daughter out with the camera this morning, which she was very excited about! She got some really great photos after the showers!  Currently it is 81 degrees with a "feels like" of 84 degrees!  This may not seem like a relief to some, but it is for us.  The bunnies are even happier! 
With much more weather like this and I will definitely be ready to start my shade garden area by the bunnies!  I have been trying to hold off a bit because of the extreme heat we have been having!  It won't be long.  I already have some plans for it.

I am trying to come up with some frugal ways to create bed areas and decor with inexpensive items or items I may already have!  I am in the planning stages now.  If anyone has any good ideas or would be willing to share some good ideas, I would definitely appreciate it!  I have already collected several ideas on good shade plants from several of you (my fellow gardeners), and I have written them down and appreciate the help greatly!  Thanks so much!  Have a Great weekend and Happy Gardening!  Mindy
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  1. Hi Mindy, we got the rain a few days ago, and it was definitely nice! It really freshens up things in the garden, doesn't it.

    Yes, what a difference between the zones. Blogging keeps it interesting!


  2. I am wishing for rain to stop and sun to shine. Oh well, we must take what is given.

  3. Mindy,
    Goodness. Glad to hear you have gotten some rain and have cooled down.

    Re creating beds. (this is something that would take a long time for me). I always enjoy looking at bed edging made of inverted wine bottles or any other kind of bottle. It's a great way to recycle. And I think they are pretty.

    I once bought a metal bed headboard at a garage sail and spray painted it periwinkle. It made a perfect trellis.


  4. wonderful relief the rain...we had some here too...I actually repurposed a round fountain that looks a bit like a pool to use as a raised bed for flowers. Shoes, boots, gloves are also fun to plant in...

  5. We got rain today, if only a little. But it took the heat off some. Good you got rain too. The gardens on the garden walks always seem to have the best ideas for recycled items. People find uses for so many items that were not intended for the garden but end up there. They is a house on the garden walk in Buffalo that reused bowling balls for a totem. See Art of Gardening for a post on this.

  6. Lovely mosaic. Glad you are getting some weather relief! It makes it much more pleasant to be in the garden working.
    Blessings, Beth

  7. We got rain over the weekend too, and even though it's humid again this Monday morning, it was nice to have a break for a couple of days. Looks like gardeners around the country got a break too. Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Cool mosaic... I'm impressed!
    No rain here, unfortunately. Your garden must be very happy...

  9. Hello Mindy! Thanks for visiting my own blog. I enjoyed reading your post. 81 sounds heavenly to me! We had a drought through June, but we have had regular rain since then. I am always so grateful for any moisture that will help keep plants alive through our summer heat. Good luck with your shade garden. Quite naturally, I love shade and the plants that grow there.

  10. Hi Mindy: I'm glad you and your plants are getting some relief from the extreme heat! We're having great weather here in Wisconsin, too. It has been in the low 80s, and now we're headed to the mid-70s for highs for a few days. That will feel amazing!

  11. I like the collage! I'm glad you got relief from the heat - we're still waiting for some relief in NC.

  12. Your blog is off to such a fantastic start. I can tell you from experience that it is a rewarding way to keep track of your garden memories. It's so much better than a photo album and it's searchable too!