Our Little Piece of Heaven


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello fellow gardening friends!  Yes, I am still around.  The month of August found me hustling around with work, the beginning of school, and both girls making the volleyball team, one in middle school and one in high school.  As you can image my weeks are very busy.  I found myself missing my blogging and decided to make time to get in touch with everyone again!   The first week in September has brought us much cooler temperatures here in Southern Indiana. as well as some rain showers!  Everything seems a bit refreshed!  I have been collecting up seeds and searching my garden for seedlings. 
Below, I found this seedling plant from one of my Crepe Myrtle bushes!  I was so excited, now to just baby it until I can move it to its own location!

 Four o'clocks are nice seeding plants!  The seeds are very easy to collect and grow easily when sown directly in the ground after danger of frost in the spring!
 I have also collected some seeds from a couple of my daylily plants!  I have placed these in the refrigerator in baggies to hopefully be succesful in planting either in pots this winter or in the ground this next Spring!  I have not tried this yet, so hopefully I have some luck!

To all my friends, I look forward to keeping my blog up and have enjoyed this little post very much!  It has reminded me of how much fun this blogging is! 

I am still in the process of planning my shade garden and thank you all for the great input on shade plants you have had luck with!  I have been looking at the Park Seed and Wayside Garden web sites for neat plants! 

The bunnies (Oreo and Daisy) are doing great and growing like weeds!  Hope to post some pictures of them soon!  They are certainly enjoying this cooler weather! 

Hope the cooler weather finds each and every one of your gardens! 
Happy Gardening!


  1. happy to hear all is well in your garden my friend. hope that you, the husband, and the kids are doing great. love your baby crepe myrtle :) happy gardening!

  2. It is always neat to watch plants grow from seeds and to see baby plants sprout near mother plants. I love the way new crepes come up and have moved several successfully through the years.

    Blogging is very enjoyable. All the info and pictures, all the sharing about lives, hobbies, etc. Making friends.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  3. I'm much the same, only managed a few posts in August and am behind in my commenting on my contacts blogs! I guess it's the time of the year.

    I have to clean up the garden today....quite a bit of deadheading to do, especially the phlox. I ordered some fancy seed envelopes from the 'net, and hope they will be here tomorrow. I have hollyhock and poppy seeds to save!

    Wow! I have never let the daylilies go to seed, I had no idea what the seeds would look like (or that they WOULD go to seed.) You should definitely blog that process! What fun.


  4. Mindy what a wonderful post...looking for seedlings is fun and we get the benefit of more plants...lovely to have you back...it is hard keeping up with blogging, comments etc...

  5. Isn't nature wonderful - seeds hold such promise. Love your enthusiasm.

  6. I save four o'clock seeds...and some lily seeds. Autumn is such an interesting time where we gather promise for the spring.

  7. Everytime I see seeds (even on a blog) I have to stop myself grabbing an envelope and collecting them! Good to see you posting.

  8. Love it when I find little seedlings popping up in my gardens. It's always a bright surprise... unless of course it's a weed.

  9. If you're looking for great plants, check out the online nureries listed on my blog in the section towards the bottom called "All the Best Plants Come in a Box". Sometimes the easiest way to get your seeds to grow is to just scatter them where you want them, and then leave them alone. Nature will do the rest! :o)

    'Chocolate' eupatorium will grow well in partial shade, attracts pollinators, and is a prolific reseeder, as is obedient plant.

    Phlox will reseed also, giving you beautiful seedlings with unique characteristics. I have one seedling with really cute ruffle edged petals that came from phox parents with smooth edges. Phlox are also magnets for pollinators and hummingbirds. Lamium does well in moist partial shade and while it does self-seed, it also creeps along to create a gorgeous mat of silvery foliage and pink flowers. Have fun!!!

  10. Lovely post. I am terrible when it comes to collecting seeds, something i must remedy. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.